In the Mask of the Boruca-September 15-26, 2014

Crossroads, HNES 283

September 15-26, 2014


Curated by: Charmaine Lurch and Vero Diaz

Mask donated by students in the 2014 Costa Rica field Experience course


In the Mask Of Boruca is an exhibition inspired by the indigenous Costa Rican Boruca people (also known as the Brunca or the Brunka). This show presents the Boruca’s creative masks -the making, history and production as a force of change in the community. It hopes to move the gaze on the masks as just “objects to display” to make visible the people behind the mask.


This show brings together the Boruca artist carvings, collected and donated by York University students who visited the Boruca as part of a field experience course. The show is a locus for examining ideas about art as it moves from a means of expression to a source of empowerment and a tactic for survival. These kinds of works play a critical role in the discourse on how objects of art are displayed and can serve to hold institutions accountable for their presentation of peoples’ culture and presence.