Detour/Listen Wed. Sept. 10 at 1pm

Join us for this 45-minute audio-video
campus walking tour. Download link & instructions here.

Departing from ZigZag Gallery, HNES student lounge, York University
This walk is wheelchair accessible.
This tour requires downloading a video or audio file onto a portable device!!

Before you come for the tour:

• Download the Detour | Listen digital video file here (119 MB):
Look for "Download" and click "Mobile"

Note: It is best to download onto your computer, then sync your device, especially for iPads!

• If you don't have a video-playing mobile device, download the audio only file instead here (43 MB):
Look for "Download"
(While the tour is made for video, sound only will give a good sense of the experience.)

• Load the file onto your phone, tablet or other portable device

• Test to make sure the file plays without an Internet connection, by viewing the first few seconds (but not more than that ... we want it to be a surprise!)

• Meet in the ZigZag Gallery, HNES student lounge, at 1 PM on Sept. 4th or Sept. 10th, with your device and headphones ready to go!

• If you have a spare device and headphones, please bring loaded up too, for others to use!

• If you're having trouble, drop us an email:

Detour | Listen is a 45-minute audio-video walking tour made collaboratively by students of the Community Arts Practice Preparatory Workshop 2014 Spring Intensive under the guidance of instructor Heather Hermant, inspired by the course's theme, Artist as Catalyst. (See the full list of artists below.*) Participants silently walk a path on campus that--through screens and headphones--performatively intervenes in the storied and contested place that is York University. Each student developed a personal performative intervention in response to the York environment. These were woven together as a collaborative piece reflecting on such themes as Land, Archive, Performance and Community. Originally an audio-video walk with live performances along the route, it has been adapted to a stand-alone audio-video walking tour of digital stories by Samay Arcentales and Heather Hermant.

I*Participating Detour | Listen artists in order of appearance:
Alicia Nunes
Alex MacDonald
Samantha White
Kelly Ly
Ilana Divantman
Nithy Selvarajah
Susana Goncalves
Samay Arcentales
Eli Zamani
Gloria Carissa
Megan Nowick R.
Catherine Turcotte

With thanks to Alvis Choi and Honor Ford-Smith.

Community Arts Practice Certificate
York University