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CAP certificate

The CAP Certificate is open to students, non-students, activists and community workers. The certificate can also be completed part-time by graduates as well as by community artists without degrees but with relevant experience and/or training. Here you can have an overview of the curriculum.

Graduate Studies in Community and Environmental Arts at the Faculty of Environmental studies

The Faculty of Environmental Studies at York offers a Masters in Environmental Studies, with a concentration in the area of environment and culture. This is a self-directed program that allows students to design their own curriculum combining courses in environmental social justice and
other subject areas with visual arts, performance, media, writing, urban design and media. They also design independent studies in their area of concentration, participate in programming arts events and
work in field placements in Community and Environmental Arts. For more information about the MES program, visit the Faculty of Environmental Studies online.

Body Course

Exciting new course to be launched in 2015!

exhibitions & performances


Crossroads Community and Environmental Art Workshop is a multipurpose space located at HNES 283 in the Faculty of Environmental Studies. This student-run space is available to graduate and undergraduate students in the field of community-based environmental arts. With limited resources and technical facilities, students are challenged to design and run a program of exhibitions, performances, discussions
and workshops and other activities. These events accompany their coursework and plan of study. Crossroads also showcases special events and engages faculty and community partners. The space is wheelchair accessible.

project spotlights


Here we profile projects students have initiated. Are you a CAP grad, a Masters or PhD student who has a project you would like profiled? Send us an email!


CAP core faculty are engaged in a number of initiatives. Our undergraduate, Masters and PhD students are also engaged in research on practices and issues related to community arts. View the sidebar to read about each of these!

Click here to see the Collaborative Research Manifesto, which emerged from a CAP community partners' consultation in February 2007, funded by a Knowledge Mobilization Grant from York University.

Community Partners

See a list of community partners who have supported our students, and visit their web sites, here.