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Students, community partners and faculty are the beating hearts of Community Arts Practice at York, a gathering point for a shared interest in community-centric arts for social and environmental change.

In consultation with our partners, leading community artists from across artistic disciplines, the undergraduate CAP certificate was launched in 2005, the keystone feature of CAP activities at York. The CAP certificate is accessible to students and non-students, graduate and undergraduate students. Since CAP's founding host faculties Environmental Studies and Fine Arts launched the CAP certificate, many new academic allies have joined, including Social Work, Education and Health.

Community partners with whom we conduct research, and who host our students, are located across Toronto, work in a wide range of artistic media and serve a wide range of communities. CAP faculty work in many artistic disciplines, and conduct research and lead projects concerned with social and environmental issues.

CAP students come from every imaginable department: Environmental Studies, Fine Arts, Geography, Social Work, Religious Studies, Education, History, Kinesiology, and more. Our “direct entry” student body is growing—community-based artists, educators and activists who can enrol in the CAP certificate part-time. Graduate students engaged in activist community-engaged art also feed our program, partnering with undergraduate students and faculty in the realization of initiatives. In 2011, we launched the CAP Scholarship program.

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