the vibes

Welcome to RECIPES FOR LEARNING, a zine-to-web experiment by the graduating CAP class of 2012! This is the kick-off of a new and the first official Community Arts Student Blog, here on the VIBES on the CAP website.  When we were first challenged to produce a CAP student "journal"  very broadly understood as part of our Practicum course, we first had to figure out who "it" would be for and what purpose it would serve, before we could decide what form it would take. RECIPES FOR LEARNING is where we ended up. A recipe is a series of instructions that is or does nothing until it is infused with spirit and intention, improvisation and the random influences of unexpected factors. RECIPES FOR LEARNING is an eclectic collection of Recipes and Stories, traces of our experience over the past year. Including our mistakes, because nobody ever talks about their mistakes. Learning feeds. We've also included recipes for actual food, wild-foraged food picked right in the city. Accompanying this blog is a downloadable memento, a zine that leads to this website. Feel free to download it here, keep it in your pocket, share it, open it up and pin the poster on your wall. We know that there is no recipe for working in community, nor for making art, but that recipes can be tools for making, for doing, for finding, for  provoking a conversation. More material will follow as will a fully operational comments function!  Enjoy!


The Manifesto is a keystone assignment in the final year of the CAP certificate. CAP practicum students are challenged to produce a Manifesto reflecting their own very personal principles of practice. The Manifesto can be in any medium or combination of media, and have ranged over the years from a series of site-specific actions to a piece of visual art to performance, installation, written word and blogs. It is more often than not a challenge to the very idea of a fixed and final set of statements, as manifestos are generally understood. Students share their Manifestos publicly in some capacity at the end of the course, through a public celebration or event. Here are Manifestos from the Class of 2012, shared at the 2012 CAP Graduating Class Celebration at Beit Zatoun House on April 12th, 2012.


What better way to find Recipes for Learning than to talk to people who have been t/here before? This is the Stories section of our Recipes For Learning blog. How do people do what they do, and how did they get there? Here below, you'll find us, students from the 2012 CAP Graduating Class interviewing CAP grads, practicing community artists and CAP faculty.